Elegance is You

picstitch-2As I’m sitting here writing my very first blog, I’m reminded that it was exactly one year ago around the same time I left my 18 years of corporate life, started this new fashion venture and had my first show for Brand ‘monali g’… In so many ways I can’t believe it’s been a year because it’s gone by so quickly, but on the flip side so much has happened that it seems like a lifetime ago. One thing is for sure though… I had the absolute time of my life and will forever be grateful for all of the wonderful memories and every single person that was a part of it!

Ever since I started this exciting venture in my life, I have had so many memorable experiences, from going to India alone for the first time, to exploring the most exotic places, meeting wonderful people who have become such close friends… All this happening in a year and few months is quiet overwhelming. Always wanted to share these unique experiences with you all, whether it’s my travel Chronicles or showcasing our exclusive jewelry and apparel.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to try out my photography skills. Showcased some of the unique Jewelry and Accessories on a fun photo shoot with the help of my beautiful friends…

Here are a few words my friend S described monali g as ‘monali g helps to highlight the queen and the island girl in every woman. They can be whichever avatar they want to be and make that transition effortlessly with your collection. The Pocahontas who sunbathes, swims and ‘paints with the colors of the wind’ during the day can transform herself into an exotic queen from a faraway kingdom of passion with a little help from monali g’. Thanks S for those wonderful words!

Here is a one-of-a-kind Silk Scarf necklace that can be worn multiple ways and each time will enhance and transform any mundane look to marvelous…



Chic scarf necklace that looks stunning in Street style… My good friend S looking gorgeous in the Blue scarf while strolling leisurely…


There is something romantic about these earrings… maybe the little rose detail… also wearing the gold-plated bracelet with chalcedony



Style trend alert! New LBD… Little Beige Dress… Here is a versatile cotton brocade day dress that is Elegant, Fun and Wearable

Blog pic 10

SG looking gorgeous in those contemporary Gold Plated Silver earrings…

Blog pic 12

While visiting the pink city of Jaipur I discovered some unique antique treasures…


S wearing our Cotton Sanganeri hand block printed top, antique earrings and pendants from Jaipur… part of our Haveli Collection that brings out the Queen in every woman… (For availability and price info, please email info@monalig.com)

Blog pic 53


(For availability and price info for the above pieces, please email info@monalig.com)


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